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Interview with Dr. Millis

We are currently planning for our 2023 theme week. To get ready for it, we would like to look back on one of our Team Week 2022 interviews with Dr. Michael Millis.

Dr. Millis has dedicated much of his career to working with patients with hip dysplasia and other hip pathologies. Watch Miles4Hips board member Ashley’s interview with Dr. Millis below.

Eric and Parker: Running the Distance for Hip Dysplasia

We would like to cheer Eric on as he runs his first marathon of 2023 to raise hip dysplasia awareness this weekend!

Parker’s father, Eric, is thrilled that his baby girl’s hip dysplasia was caught shortly after birth. She is currently brace-free and is enjoying some happy, healthy hips! Inspired by his daughter’s journey, Eric will be running THREE marathons in 2023 and is using his running to raise awareness about hip dysplasia and to support the IHDI!

Interview With Dr. Salil Upasani

Dr. Salil Upasani joins Miles4Hips Board Member Ashley Spalla for an interview discussing hip dysplasia, treatments and advances that may be coming in the future.

Dr. Salil Upasani is director of the International Center for Pediatric and Adolescent Hip Disorders at Rady Children’s Hospital-San Diego and an associate clinical professor at UC San Diego School of Medicine. He also serves as an IHDI Medical Advisory Board Member.