Addie’s Story

Addie’s mother, Karrie, reached out to share her daughter’s story:



My daughter Adelyn was diagnosed with developmental hip dysplasia in March, 2023. Addie struggled to crawl and was not meeting any of the physical milestones as she should. Because of this, we were sent to Children’s Hospital in Detroit Michigan to see an orthopedic doctor. After an exam and x-ray, it was determined that Addie’s hip sockets were way too shallow for her bones to fit in, and that is why she has struggled to meet the developmental milestones.

Addie has been in physical therapy and has been wearing the Rhino Cruiser brace for the last 6 weeks. We have seen great strides with her! She took her first steps ever last week! I never thought that my baby girl would be diagnosed with hip dysplasia but she doesn’t let that get her down! She is such a fighter and has made some great strides in her physical therapy!