Adina Stewart

Adina Stewart came to Miles4Hips through her work as Dr. Joel Wells’ Administrative Assistant at UT Southwestern Medical Center and Baylor Scott & White Health.

In addition to working as an administrative assistant for several orthopedic surgeons, her professional experiences include teaching and serving as Editor-in-Chief, magazine columnist, and picture database manager for the magazine, “Muscular Development.”

Adina brought a unique set of skills and experiences to the Miles4Hips team. Although she will humbly profess that she was there to support and represent Dr. Wells if he could not attend meetings, but the Miles4Hips team recognizes the many talents she brings to the table. We appreciate the support and guidance she provided for our social media and website platforms, her “big picture” approach to discussions and team planning, and her exquisite editorial skills.

Adina also brought a unique lens to Miles4Hips since she is neither a patient nor a medical professional but has extensive experience working with both. This allowed her to offer insights that aren’t always visible with an “inside perspective.” Her passion for serving the hip dysplasia community is evident. We are truly fortunate to have her collaboration and contributions.