“From all Angles”

From All Angles” is a team of individuals and families who live in all different areas, or ‘angles’, of the world! Our team members have gone through femoral osteotomy surgery, in which the femur is cut, rotated, and is placed back in the hip joint with the use of a rod or plate and screws. We also all enjoy some form of physical activity that had to be modified while recovering from this extensive surgery.

Join us from your ‘angle’ of the country or the world, for a day of movement on October 10, 2020, in your area. Any type of movement is encouraged (biking, jogging, strength training, walking, you get the drift)! Check out our bios to learn more about our team members! Email Joan Young mommas1969@gmail.com if you’d like to join!

All team tee shirt sale proceeds and donations go directly to funding hip dysplasia education, research, and technological advances at the International Hip Dysplasia Institute.”

Sue G.

Angle of the World: Illinois

Joan Y.

Angle of the World: New Jersey

Sara B.

Angle of the World: Kansas

Laurie C.

Angle of the World: Pennsylvania


Angle of the World: Canada


Angle of the World: New York