Ashley Imgrund-Flora, MS, PA-C

Ashley Imgrund-Flora is an orthopedic physician assistant from Western North Carolina who also happens to suffer from hip dysplasia and femoral acetabular impingement bilaterally.   Along with hip dysplasia, she suffers from hypermobility ehlers danlos syndrome.    It was her journey with hip dysplasia, FAI, and hEDS that lead to her pursuing a career in orthopedics.    

Ashley was first diagnosed with hip dysplasia in 2011 after years of hip pain.  As a college soccer player, this was often misdiagnosed as multiple other soft tissue injuries.   Her EDS also went undiagnosed for years.    She has undergone a multitude of orthopedic surgeries(11 others), to include 8 surgeries on her right hip (5 arthroscopies, RPAO/scope, and a right total hip arthroplasty). As a result of these multiple surgeries, adhesions, and hEDS, Ashley unfortunately developed CRPS following her RPAO.   Her journey with her right hip has been over the last 9 years leaving the left hip to still be in need of repair.  

Outside of her medical career and hip pathologies, Ashley loves to spend time exploring everything Western North Carolina has to offer, to include hiking, climbing, back packing, road biking, wineries, and breweries.   She also has three amazing dogs who are her life, 2 Siberian huskies-Jonen and Everest, and a pit bull mix-Sierra.   Ashley also volunteers with the Southern Siberian Husky Rescue and is an active member of her church, Ridgeline Church: Asheville.  

Her ongoing journey with hip dysplasia, hEDS, and CRPS have helped her gain a true sense of empathy for her patients.