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  • Day of Movement Meet-Ups!

    Day of Movement Meet-Ups!

    Click here to find out about Day of Movement meet-ups going on around the world on October 22nd. So far meet-ups have been planned in Northern New Jersey (This one is early on September 24 ) and East Bay in California, Fayetteville, AR and Dallas Fort Worth. Denver and Detroit are also in the works! […]

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  • Day of Movement 2021 Revisited!

    As we get ready for the Day of Movement 2022 on October 22 lets revisit last years Day of Movement for inspiration!

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  • Crutch and Mobility Training

    Crutch and Mobility Training

    Nancy Muir, a physical therapist, hip dysplasia patient, and Miles4Hips board member shares these videos on basic crutch and mobility training.  Nancy spent the first few years of her career working in hospitals where she trained patients in these skills daily.  But it wasn’t until she was diagnosed with hip dysplasia and was a patient […]

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  • Day of Movement Central!

    Day of Movement Central!

    Join us on October 22, 2022 for our 4th Annual Miles4Hips Day of Movement! You can join us vitually or look for an in-person meet-up in your area. Whether you’re a patient, a caregiver, a friend, a researcher, or a medical provider, we hope you will join us in building community, raising awareness, and supporting […]

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  • Vote for Your Favorite!

    Vote for Your Favorite!

    Voting is opened through August 16! T-Shirts will go on sale in September.

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  • Interview with a Caregiver

    Interview with a Caregiver

    Claire, an adult hip dysplasia patient, interviews her Mum to learn more about the experience of caregiving for a loved one with hip dysplasia and to provide support for others.

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