Break a Leg, Laurie!

Location: Fombell, Pennsylvania

Why do you support Miles4Hips and the International Hip Dysplasia Institute? I support IHDI because I had hip pain for my entire adult life (and much of my teenage years) and it wasn’t until I was in my mid-30s and had three failed scopes that I was diagnosed with femoral retroversion. I fully support any organization that raises awareness about hip disorders in the hope other people don’t need to wait decades for an answer and appropriate treatment.

How do you plan to move on October 9? First and foremost, I’ll be chasing my 3-year-old son — and doing it pain free! (Almost … still rehabbing and it takes nothing to still get sore) If weather allows, I’ll take a local hike outside. If not, I’ll ride my indoor spin bike. I bought it last year with the intent that once all surgeries were behind me I would sign up for the Peloton app. Surgeries are finally done, and I’m all set to sign up for the app and get back to spinning, which I used to love years ago!