Cam’s Story


While starting off with a broken hip and torn labrum from playing hockey, I discovered I had cam impingements on both sides as well. I went through both surgeries and on the second one was scared in the bathroom and went up in the air and landed on my surgical hip. After another year I had to have a reconstructive hip surgery to fix that and finally got back to somewhat normalcy.


I ended up being on the show undercover boss for it where I got my dream career and was a trainer all across the country. During my first month of this I got in a major car accident where my reconstructed hip got the brunt of it and popped out taking my SI/ITB band with it causing me chronic nerve damage all throughout my body. I spent the next 2 years on a cane and was unable to work or do anything really. While they couldn’t figure out what was going on I took things into my own hands and started to listen to my body on a different level and tried fighting my pain. From doing laps in my kitchen, to then my driveway to then doing a couple miles all with my cane, I made it a promise to myself to get off of it.


In that 3rd year I did, and entered me and my dog Jax in a 5k and ended up winning. I used the pain as fuel and motivated myself to the point where I wasn’t going to let it beat me. So instead I challenged it. I started doing bodybuilding to help form more muscle and to strengthen my core and hips and competed in the transformation division where I won and went to London for worlds. Shortly after this I had to have my PAO and spent the next 6 months recovering and focusing on mobility and strengthening. After that I took it to the next level and started competing against people who have no issues and have made it my new goal to get my pro card in Men’s physique. In no way is this to brag or boast because no matter what I’m still going to do it, but it’s more to show the people going through this that the lowest of lows bring the highest of highs and you just need to fight for it with everything you’ve got. Look for the light in all the darkness.


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