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  • Beth’s Vlog

    Beth’s Vlog

    This is a documentary vlog* about life with hip dysplasia, where your host** (Beth) talks about everything from her diagnosis, living with a cane named Charlie, preparing for total hip replacement surgery, and recovery during post-op.*NOT medical advice**not a medical expert or professional, but she might interview a few of those Vlog Episodes

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  • Our Stories

    Our Stories

    For patients and their families and friends, hip dysplasia is a journey. Here, patients, families, caregivers, and friends share their hip dysplasia stories.  Get ready to be inspired! Want to share your story? Email us at, or fill out this form.

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  • Our Stories – Adult Diagnosis and Treatment

    Our Stories – Adult Diagnosis and Treatment

    Alexa Andrea Betsy Claire Connie Emily Erin Kaitlynn Kelli Laura Sarah and Hannah Linda Marie-Christine Ashley MaryBeth Amy Mariah Sara’s Story Marisol – English Marisol – Espanol Jackie Emily and Annabelle Jade Kaitlyn Amber Meghan Beth Allison Shaun Kyle Coley Leah Nicole Kelli Emma

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  • Ashley’s Story

    Ashley’s Story

    My hip story begins before 2009, before two dozen hip surgeries, before losing my hip and 1/3rd of my proximal femur, before my life changing forever… My story begins in college when I was playing basketball during an Army ROTC tournament and thought I had pulled a muscle or just tore some cartilage. Little did […]

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  • Betsy’s Story: Five Things I Learned Leading Up to My THR

    Betsy’s Story: Five Things I Learned Leading Up to My THR

    Five Things I Learned Leading Up to My Total Hip Replacement By Betsy Miller Hi, I’m Betsy Miller. I’m the author of The Parents’ Guide to Hip Dysplasia and an IHDI Advisory Committee member. I was diagnosed with bilateral hip dysplasia (DDH) in infancy. When I was a baby I was treated with traction, closed […]

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