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  • What’s With All the Angles?

    What’s With All the Angles?

    LCEA? Tonnis Angle? Version? Alpha Angle? Have you wondered what’s with all the angles? Hip dysplasia experts may order a variety of special imaging and tests to help determine the best treatment for a patient.  These are some of the most common measurements associated with the evaluation of hip dysplasia. 

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  • Understanding Adult Hip Dysplasia

    Understanding Adult Hip Dysplasia

    The International Hip Dysplasia Institute is a great resource for learning more about hip dysplasia, and there is a section on their website dedicated to adult hip dysplasia. Visit their website to learn more about:– Causes of Hip Dysplasia– Diagnosis– Treatment options, both surgical and non-surgical– And More!

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  • The 5 W’s of Second Opinions

    The 5 W’s of Second Opinions

    So, you think you should get a second opinion about your hip. What does that even mean? Why seek another opinion? Who should you see? Where do you choose to go? When should you seek another opinion? How do you make it happen? Read on to have your questions answered!

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  • Meet Kelli!

    Meet Kelli!

    Kelli is a triathlete, and hip dysplasia advocate who was diagnosed and underwent bilateral PAOs in her 40s. Kelli is passionate about hip dysplasia education and awareness and runs the Hippies Club.

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  • Hippies Hike Day of Movement 2023

    Hippies Hike Day of Movement 2023

    Support the IHDI (optional)

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  • Untitled post 10217

    The 5th Annual Day of Movement is on October 14, and we want family, friends, providers and advocates joining in from all over the world. Help us spread the word by sharing our poster on your social media or by downloading a copy from our website and sharing it with friends, family, surgeons, physical therapists, […]

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