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  • Straight From the Hip – Rafael Sierra and the Trident of Studies on Hip Dysplasia and the PAO

    Straight From the Hip – Rafael Sierra and the Trident of Studies on Hip Dysplasia and the PAO

    In this episode of Straight From the Hip Dr. Pablo Castañeda talks with Rafael Sierra, MD, an orthopedic surgeon at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, who has focused his career on hip preservation as well as hip replacement with a strong focus on hip dysplasia and femoroacetabular impingement. They talk about 3 papers termed […]

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  • Meet Kait!

    Meet Kait!

    Kait is an Occupational Therapist who endured multiple unsuccessful hip surgeries. She persevered and advocated to get a correct diagnosis of a complicated condition called Miserable Malalignment. She now dreams of educating others about this diagnosis and using her journey to inspire others to return to Meaningful Movement. Kait recently appeared on the Major Pain […]

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  • Team Week 2024

    Team Week 2024

    Welcome to Team Week 2024!

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  • Emma’s Story

    Emma’s Story

    Emma shares the story of her hip dysplasia diagnosis as an adult, and how she manages her symptoms while she prepares for her hip replacement. Emma is also an advocate for disability rights “I really think we need to change the conversation around disability and accessibility in the UK and beyond.”

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  • Introducing 2024 Junior Board Members!

    Introducing 2024 Junior Board Members!

    We would like to welcome our new junior board members for 2024! Eve is a Health Sciences student from Northern Ontario, and Bronagh is a physiotherapy student from Ireland.

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  • Interview with a Caregiver

    Interview with a Caregiver

    Claire, an adult hip dysplasia patient, interviews her Mum to learn more about the experience of caregiving for a loved one with hip dysplasia and to provide support for others.

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  • What’s With All the Angles?

    What’s With All the Angles?

    LCEA? Tonnis Angle? Version? Alpha Angle? Have you wondered what’s with all the angles? Hip dysplasia experts may order a variety of special imaging and tests to help determine the best treatment for a patient.  These are some of the most common measurements associated with the evaluation of hip dysplasia. 

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