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Team Week Videos

We do an annual “Team Week” where we interview different members of the hip dysplasia care team including patients, families, surgeons and other healthcare providers, and patient advocates. Check out our videos from previous years’ Team Weeks.

Day of Movement Videos

Our annual Day of Movement is our largest event of the year where hip dysplasia patients, families, friends, colleagues, and healthcare providers join together from all over the world to raise hip dysplasia awareness, support the International Hip Dysplasia Institute, and enjoy movement for healthy hips, bodies, and minds.






Promo Video

Pass the Crutch Videos

Our annual Pass the Crutch videos have been a fun way to build community and raise hip dysplasia community each June when we celebrate Hip Dysplasia Awareness Month.





Awareness Videos

Check out some of our videos that capture the perspectives and priorities of patients, families, and care providers around hip dysplasia. Consider sharing them with family, friends, colleagues, and healthcare providers to help raise awareness and help others understand different perspectives around hip dysplasia.

Vision Video

Hip dysplasia patients, families, and health care providers share their vision for the future of hip dysplasia.

Silver Linings

Patients share some of the unexpected silver linings of their hip dysplasia journeys.

I have learned…

Patients answered the question: What has hip dysplasia taught you about yourself.

I wish others knew…

Patients answered the question: What do you wish others knew about hip dysplasia?

I have gained…

Patients answered the question: What have you gained from your hip dysplasia experience?

Patient Resource/Education Videos