Danielle’s Story

My name is Danielle, and I was misdiagnosed with other conditions until I was finally correctly diagnosed with hip dysplasia – 18 years of failed treatments and surgeries later! I cannot recall a time when it didn’t hurt to walk. My parents took me to countless orthopedic surgeons, and one decided that my knock knees and accessory foot bones (specifically, navicular) were causing my hip pain — in hindsight, I cringe at this.



I then underwent many reconstructive surgeries on my knees and feet throughout my childhood, most notably, getting my knees literally broken to straighten them; however, my hip pain continued to worsen. At the age of 16, I sought out even more opinions. Dr. Michael Salata was the first to believe that my hips were causing the pain, and immediately saw the dysplasia on my x-rays. I had my first hip scope in December 2020 (labral repair and cam removal) and the same done on the left in May, 2021 in hopes of avoiding a PAO. Unfortunately, my hip pain still lingered.



With the expertise of Dr. Salata and Dr. Wetzel, I decided to get a combined scope and PAO on my right hip on 12/19/22. My 10th surgery. I faced many complications that kept me in the hospital for most of the month.



I returned to my college dorm in February. I am still healing, but I have already made huge improvements. As hard as this entire journey has been, and will continue to be, I am thankful for what it has taught me. Now more than ever, I take nothing for granted—even the ability to tie my own shoes! 


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