Day of Movement – Team Wisconsin (Virtual)

Join Team Wisconsin for the Virtual Day of Movement on October 14th! Meet other individuals whose lives have been impacted by hip dysplasia and help cheer each other on this Day of Movement. Get out and walk, bike, crutch, stroll, play, dance, rake leaves, or do some PT exercises. Share your story and your pictures and videos on the event page or send them to to represent Team Wisconsin in the post-event video.

Meet Your Team Wisconsin Organizers!


My name is Sara Ennocenti and I live in Janesville, WI. After 8 years of chronic pain and misdiagnoses, I was diagnosed with bilateral hip dysplasia in 2019. In 2020, I had a periacetabular osteotomy (PAO) surgery on my left hip. I had a full year of physical therapy after surgery and during that rehab, my right hip started to bother me. In 2021, I decided to have PAO surgery on my right hip and screw removal of my left hip. Currently, in 2023, I can say that both of my PAO surgeries were worth it! This year I was even able to run an entire 5K without any hip pain! 

I celebrate and support Miles4Hips and The Day of Movement because I know what it feels like to have the ability to move taken away from you. Please join our virtual team to help celebrate your ability to move in any way that you can!


My name is Brianna Kuhn and I live in Madison, WI. I was diagnosed with hip dysplasia in the fall of 2018 and had bilateral hip scopes, PAOs, and screw removals between November 2019 and December 2022.

I feel really fortunate to have met so many amazing people through the PAO Facebook group, some of whom I’m still friends with. I believe there needs to be more research around many facets of hip dysplasia (detection, rehabilitation,surgical best practices and post-op protocols, chronic pain disorders, impact on mental health and more). I hope that by supporting the IDHI and Miles4Hips, we can continue raising funds to further this critical research.

Meet Your Wisconsin Virtual Teammates!