Don’t Worry Wednesday

We recognize the impact that hip dysplasia can have, not just on physical health, but also on mental health, and we would like to share a few resources from our website.

Navigating the Mental Health Aspects of a Hip Dysplasia Diagnosis: Insights from an Expert Patient and Parent

Danielle, an adult hip dysplasia patient and mother of two teenage girls with hip dysplasia, shares the mental triumphs and challenges of hip dysplasia.

The Impact of Hip Dysplasia on Quality of Life and Psychosocial Well-Being: an Article Review

The International Hip Dysplasia Institute reports that individuals with hip dysplasia see an average of 3 healthcare providers and have symptoms for over 5 years before getting an accurate diagnosis. This article provides a summary of a study by Tina Gambling and Andrew Long (2019) that explores how developmental dysplasia of the hip impacts quality of life and overall psycho-social well-being of individuals.