From All Angles – Danica

I was misdiagnosed with “growing pains” at 15 by an Olympic level doctor after having chronic hip pain playing sports. Four years later after living with that same hip pain, I went back to her and she realized she had missed my hip dysplasia. She sent me to a hip surgeon who then diagnosed me with bilateral hip dysplasia as well as bilateral femoral retroversion.

My femoral retroversion was the worst problem so we tackled the femoral osteotomies (FOs) first. I had my left leg done in May 2019, and my right in December 2019. I had FOs and hip arthroscopies done. My right FO didn’t go as planned in the OR and my break was not clean. I stayed in hospital over a week because they couldn’t get my pain under control. I also had a very big seroma develop that needed to be drained, as well as bone ossification that eventually went away.

6 months after my second surgery, I needed to have a nail removal because my femur wasn’t healing. I had compartment syndrome and was kept overnight for monitoring.

Now I am 8 months post op and my femur in my right leg still isn’t healing. In September I will know if I need to do a nail exchange.

After all this is done with my femurs, they need to re-evaluate if I need the bilateral PAO done. ???? It hasn’t been an easy road but I don’t regret it one bit.