Gemma & Michaela’s Story

Hi fellow hip families,

As a baby I had hip dysplasia 38 years, my sister and cousin also had hip dysplasia when they were born so there is a family history. We were treated with a hard plastic brace that was worn over our nappy. We are all in our 30s and haven’t had any further hip trouble.

My daughter Michaela was born with hip dysplasia in 2019. She had severe hip dysplasia in her left hip and moderate hip dysplasia in her right hip. Michaela wore the Pavlik harness from 8 weeks old, she then progressed to the rhino brace. I think the early intervention and treatment from when she was a baby helped so much. She had her yearly check up on her second birthday and goes back for another check up when she is 4 but everything is looking good.

I used to worry she was behind on her milestones for crawling and walking but there is no stopping her now. She runs around with her brother like any other kid, nothing stops her climbing or jumping around.

I do wonder how people do not know how common hip dysplasia is until it happens to them. I think it is great what you are doing to raise awareness.