Hip Dysplasia 101

Chances are you’re visiting this site because you are either a teenager or an adult who has a hip dysplasia diagnosis or know someone with a hip dysplasia.  Many people (healthcare providers included) have never heard of hip dysplasia, and this can be discouraging, frustrating, or even frightening.  Please visit this section of our website to learn more about the hip dysplasia in teenage and adult patients, including diagnosis, treatment options, and outcomes.

As we work to build our “library” of informational resources, if you have questions you’d like answers to, please email as at miles4hips@gmail.com. We will work to find and share the answers!

Treatment Options for Adolescent and Adult Hip Dysplasia

Hip Dysplasia: What’s With All the Angles?

Glossary of Terms

Image by Erika Varga from Pixabay

30-Year PAO Surgery Outcomes

A patient-friendly summary of the research article reporting outcomes for the original patients who had PAO surgery in Bern in the early 1980s.