Hip Dysplasia: Healthy Bodies, Healthy Hips, Healthy Minds

Individuals often talk about their journey with hip dysplasia and how it affects not only their hips, but their overall health and quality of life.

At Miles4Hips we recognize the impact that hip dysplasia can have on all facets of life, from physical health to social health, spiritual health, and mental health.  We aim to support you and your loved ones no matter where you are in your hip dysplasia journey in order to promote life-long health hips, bodies, and minds.

Please visit our ever-developing resources in this section to learn about co-morbidities often experienced by individuals with hip dysplasia, mental health, and whole-body health.  If you have related questions or topics that you think would be relevant to the hip dysplasia community please email as at miles4hips@gmail.com and we will work to find and share the answers.


Mental Health