Hip Dysplasia Strategies

“Hip Dysplasia Strategies” is a team of individuals diagnosed with hip dysplasia dedicated to finding ways to move forward through the journey of fixes. We are all at different points in the journey of “fixes”, but we support each other as we find ways move forward and continue being active and functional.

Join us  on October 10th for a day of movement. Any type of movement is encouraged (biking, jogging, walking,  fishing, golfing, etc.) Check out our bios to learn more about our team members. Email Linda at linda@lindableck.com if you’d like to join virtually or in the Milwaukee area!

All team tee shirt sale proceeds and donations go directly to funding hip dysplasia education, research, and technological advances at International Hip Dysplasia Institute.

Team Members

Connie Gorham

Arizona, USA

Linda Bleck

Wisconsin, USA

Ellen Abbey

Wisconsin, USA

Sam Beale

United Kingdom

Lauren Monticelli, PT

Wisconsin, USA

Erin Scibelli, PT

Wisconsin, USA

Susan Gibbs, PT

Arizona, USA

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