Hip-Healthy Pilates Class – June 20th, 2020

Laura Rutterford, UK-based hip dysplasia patient, advocate, physiotherapist, Pilates instructor, and founder of Help For Hip Dysplasia, will be offering a free, virtual, hip-friendly Pilates class to celebrate Hip Dysplasia Awareness Month.


  • Who: Anyone is welcome to join! This class is designed to be hip friendly for those living with dysplasia, however we also welcome family, friends, caregivers, advocates, and medical providers to join.
  • When: Saturday, June 20th, 2020 at 5 pm British Standard Time (12 pm US Eastern Standard Time)
  • Where: Your backyard, your living room, your bedroom…wherever you are in the world!
  • How: the interactive Zoom class is full, but tune into Instagram Live to join the class (@laura.rutterford)

Click here to visit Laura’s website to learn more about her physiotherapy practice, Pilates-based programmes, blog, hip dysplasia podcast, and more!