Houston Hippies

Calling all Houston hip preservation Orthopaedists, healthcare professionals, and anyone affected by hip pain: Miles for Hips Day of Movement is October 10th. In true Texas fashion, let’s go BIG!

Join us as we work together as a team to ‘cover’ the 88 Miles of Beltway 8 with hip dysplasia awareness.

From October 1st through October 10th, track your movement from each day and log it on the Facebook Miles4Hips (Houston) Day of Movement event page.

Movement can include your steps for the day (2,000 = 1 mile), Physical Therapy sessions, walking, running, biking… however to choose to move is up to you!

Additionally, snap a pic each day with one of the ‘hip fact cards’ that will be available to print, and share on your social media page with #houstonM4H

Keep checking back here to track the distance we cover until we reach the goal of 88 miles by October 10th!

[olimometer id=1]

Our mission is simple: Spread some hip awareness across Houston while showing how we move!

Interested in Supporting the International Hip Dysplasia Institute?

Make a Donation to the IHDI

Make sure to mention “Houston Hippies” where it asks for “organization” so we know which team you’re on!