Jeanna’s Story: A Journey Thru Hip Dysplasia – through the eyes of a Mom and caretaker

Jeanna reached out to Miles4Hips to share her family’s story and blog in hopes that it will help other parents and caregivers going through hip dysplasia journeys with their children.  Jeanna shared with us “My biggest want is for there to be more education in the health field as (my son) passed hands through 3 pediatricians (before receiving his hip dysplasia diagnosis)!”  We are so grateful to people like Jeanna who are willing to share their experiences and work to create awareness so that fewer children (and eventually adolescents and adults) receive a late hip dysplasia diagnosis.  Thank you, Jeanna!

“My name is Jeanna Hendrickson and I have the privilege of being a hip dysplasia mom. Privilege? I must be crazy, right? Maybe. But what I know now after watching my son go through two surgeries in less than 6 months, is that I’ve seen the resilience, determination and strength my 2 year old can have. I’ve had to learn a lot on hip dysplasia, but what also came with that is how I became a better mom because of it.

You can read more on our story by going to our blog.

I created this page because while I was so thankful for the many Facebook pages to connect ‘hippy parents’, I wanted to put my personal experiences on paper to hopefully help when I can not comment on posts asking questions. I’m an open book and if there are things you are looking for that you can not find here, please contact me. I’m ready to help!”

Click here to visit Jeanna’s blog, A Journey Thru Hip Dysplasia.