Kait Williams, MSOTR/L – Bio

Kait is an occupational therapist in coastal California. She loves spending time with her dog and her loved ones, traveling, studying new topics, learning new languages, reading, writing (currently writing a memoir), poetry, and drinking coffee. She has a passion for running, hiking, tennis, gym workouts, and soccer. Kait has had pain in her legs since she was a child, though it became progressively worse as she got older and with increased activity levels. Therefore, she sought a diagnosis and treatment that would allow her to get back to an active lifestyle.

In 2017, Kait was diagnosed with Femoroacetabular Impingement and labral tears in both hips. She had three corrective surgeries and started running again. The pain returned less than a year after the surgeries, so she continued to search for answers. In 2021, Kait was officially diagnosed with Miserable Malalignment Syndrome and need surgery to straighten her legs. She had a right femoral osteotomy in October 2021, a right tibial osteotomy in June 2022, hardware removal of the right tibia in April 2023, hardware removal of the right femur in October 2023, and a right hip arthroscopy to reconstruct the labrum and reshape the head of the femur/acetabulum in December of 2023. Kait is currently awaiting osteotomies and hardware removal surgeries on the left leg.

As an occupational therapist, Kait has worked in school-based, clinical, and hospital settings. Her OT experience has helped her with safety, independence, and continuing meaningful activities throughout her own recoveries. Additionally, Kait has become more involved with advocacy and accessibility in the home and community settings. She hopes to share her personal experience and skills as an OT with others who may be experiencing similar recoveries.

To learn more about Miserable Malalignment Syndrome and follow Kait’s journey, feel free to follow her on Instagram: @alignedk8