Help For Hip Dysplasia

Laura is a UK-based hip dysplasia patient, physiotherapist, Pilates instructor, and hip dysplasia advocate. She is the founder of Help for Hip Dysplasia through which she shares her unique expertises as a hip dysplasia patient and physiotherapist to help others living with hip dysplasia. She is also the host of the Help for Hip Dysplasia Podcast where she invites patients, medical providers, researchers, and family and friends to share their hip dysplasia stories.

Laura is an ardent supporter and contributor to Miles4Hips. She graciously provides support and mentoring around social media and public relations, has helped to develop resources for hip dysplasia patients and families, and has also volunteered her time and expertise to support Hip Dysplasia Awareness Month activities.

To learn more about Laura and her Help for Hip Dysplasia physiotherapist practice, blog, Pilates–based programs, and podcast, visit her website at: or follow her on Instagram at @laurarutterford.