Lauren Schoeller

Lauren grew up in a small New Hampshire town, attending the University of New Hampshire for undergrad. Now, she is a Clinical Research Coordinator at an Orthopedic specialty hospital in Boston, MA, completing her Master’s in Biomedical Sciences through Tufts University School of Medicine, and is applying to medical school as an aspiring orthopedic surgeon. In her free time, Lauren enjoys exploring Boston, spending time with friends and family, and staying active.

Lauren was diagnosed with hip dysplasia in 2020, though had an extensive surgical history prior to that due to a rare genetic condition which impacts the musculoskeletal system. She has undergone numerous surgeries, ranging from limb lengthenings, a spinal fusion, hip arthroscopies, a PAO, and others in order to regain functionality and reduce pain. Patient advocacy is one of her greatest passions that stemmed from her experiences as a patient and has informed her perspective as a future healthcare professional.

Lauren is excited to join the Miles4Hips team and incorporate her professional background into our mission. In particular, she has developed an interest in taking current research topics and sharing them in patient-friendly ways to allow patients to be as informed as possible. To learn more about Lauren’s experiences and perspectives as a patient, read her story in the featured blog below or watch her video interviews at: — UNH Video Profile — Boston Children’s Hospital video profile