Hip Dysplasia Surgery: Lessons on Healing

For you who are in the midst of the storm, some things I’ve learned this year:

1. No human body is exactly the same. No circumstances are the same. No recovery is the same. You do you.

2. The body and mind are incredibly resilient. Have faith. Believe in yourself and your ability to heal.

3. Sometimes healing is just a matter of time.

4. When you can’t do everything you love, or be close to people you love, focus on what you CAN do. Do something every day that makes you feel human and nurtured, and reach out to others who are suffering or need a pick me up. It will lift your spirits too.

5. Don’t let fear of chronic pain, fear of becoming unworthy, or fear of losing yourself hijack your recovery. The mind is powerful. Meditate on all the positive “What Ifs” and focus on the best possible outcomes. Be willing to work your ass off to achieve them

6. Know that Rest is often the best medicine.

7. Don’t wait in this life for the right time to do the things you’ve put off. Start planning how to achieve your life goals now, even if your body isn’t quite ready yet.

8. If you’re going through Hell, keep going.

9. “Hold fast. All Storms Pass.” (climber Conrad Anker quote I think. This is a great podcast about Perseverance and positivity through the storm, and the movie about this story, “Hold Fast,” won mountain film fest awards in Boulder last year. As an aside, my husband and I are training now to climb the Nose on El Cap next year. Let’s hope the hips hold up!)


10. Know that life is never without pain and suffering over which we have very little control. But we do have control over our reactions and no one knows the future. Always make space for hope and keep a singing bird in your heart. After rest, laughter is also pretty great medicine.

Contributed by Erin Newton