Maintaining a Positive Morning Routine:

I realized through this recovery how important a positive, empowering morning routine can be for maintaining mental health and helping with healing.

Even when you can barely move and you’re experiencing  pain, I think it’s possible to consciously practice “This is a Good day to have a Good day”. Here are some things I started to do as an example:

1. Get up, make bed, sometimes.

2. Eat a good meal.  A smoothie with a cup of greens and protein is good.  Eggs can help me on the “shaky” mornings. Can’t go wrong with bran muffins. Drink a large cup of water.  And take supplements and vitamins.

3. Take a shower (warm showers can sometimes offer as much comfort as pain medication). Get dressed.

4. Have tea while reading my favorite positive quotes.

5. Read something on “The Mighty” or my “Daily Ray of Hope” from the Sierra Club. “Daily Om” also sends nice thoughts.  Or enjoy “positive news” websites or apps.

6. Find a sunny spot or get outside for some morning fresh air. Stretch for 10 min to get the blood flowing and find a way to get some endorphins going even if it’s just isometrics (squeezing your muscles), lifting light weights, or taking a 5 minute walk.

7. Email someone encouragement, call a friend, have a coffee date, invite someone for a visit, or text someone something positive.

8. Put your physical therapy times or workouts on your calendar. Carve out time for yourself every day to make your mind and body partners in healing.

Contributed by: Erin Newton