Mary Strehl

Mary is an educator and instructional manager who teaches online, and also manages and trains other online teachers. Living near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Mary enjoys reading, traveling, and spending time with her husband and son. 

Mary was diagnosed with hip dysplasia as an infant, and treated with a Pavlik harness. Dysplasia and pain resurfaced as an issue during college, and in her 30s it became severe enough to seek treatment, so she found out about the periacetabular osteotomy in 2008. In January of 2009 Mary had a right PAO and struggled with the enormity and isolation of recovering without knowing others in a similar situation. She started the PAO Facebook group, and it has since grown by leaps and bounds, helping to connect patients and family members to each other for support and guidance. Ashley Spalla soon joined and became a co-moderator, lending her expertise to the group.

Mary’s son was also born with bilateral hip dysplasia, and it was a struggle to get him diagnosed and treated. His first pediatrician was not receptive to the idea of scanning him for dysplasia, even with the family history. After taking him directly to a pediatric hip specialist, he was treated with a Rhino brace starting at 5 months of age. Thanks to the knowledge gained from her own hip journey, Mary was able to advocate for her son and hopefully spare him from future issues.

11 years after the left PAO, Mary underwent a right labrum repair, left screw removal, and right PAO in 2020. The experience was so different from the first PAO, armed with the knowledge and support from the hip community. Mary’s Miles4Hips are found in walking, spinning, and working to connect hip patients to accurate information, as well as to each other for support.