Melissa Arnold

Melissa lives in the Houston area with her husband and four outdoor adventure loving kids. She enjoys triathlons, music, anything competitive, biking, running, dance parties with her kids, and soaking up medical journal articles over a cup of coffee. She is a social media marketer for healthcare professionals, and is pursuing a degree in Physical Therapy.

Melissa’s hip journey began as a teenager with unexplained hip pain. After months of unsuccessful physical therapy, at 18 years old her Orthopaedist recommended exploratory arthroscopic surgery. The surgery was deemed unsuccessful, the source of pain remained unknown, and was told she would never run again. She accepted it was a part of life until the pain could no longer be ignored and sought the help of a hip specialist in 2017. A diagnosis of Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, FAI, torn labrum, and hip dysplasia followed. With intensive physical therapy and an incredible healthcare team behind her, she completed a dream come true 70.3 mile triathlon in 2018. In 2019 she underwent another hip surgery with the intent of a scope and PAO, but the discovery of osteoarthritis delayed the PAO for a couple of months.

It was in between recent surgeries that a fire was fueled as Melissa debated her treatment options and questioned the future quality of life as a mom and athlete, which led to becoming more involved with Miles4Hips. It is her hope to help raise awareness of hip dysplasia to promote early diagnosis, suuport research of athletics and hip dysplasia in patients with connective tissue disorders, and walk alongside other patients in support as they navigate this ‘hip life’.