Melody N.

  • Location: Parker, CO
  • I was diagnosed with Hip dysplasia 2 months ago. Prior to that I was diagnosed with a Labral tear in 2018. Last year I went through a ‘repair’ in March, a knee surgery in August and a Labral reconstruction in October. It was going well, then a few months later it was like square one again! Covid delayed me seeing my surgeon again and more testing. Finally in June I was diagnosed with Hip Dysplasia and will undergo a left GANZ procedure (similar to pao), September 16th. Hoping this time I get some relief!
  • The reason I support International Hip Dysplasia is because i have struggled for several years with hip pain and been brushed off. Its great to find a community of others to help fight through this. ❤️
  • Where you’re likely to find me on the Day of Movement will most likely be my bed or couch as I will be recovering from surgery still.