Mile High Hips – Jessica F.

Hip Dysplasia Stats: Diagnosed with bi-lateral hip dysplasia August 2018-Left hip scope, labral repair, and PAO February 2019, Right hip scope, labral repair, and PAO November 2019

I want to support IHDI because when I felt alone after diagnosis THIS was my resource for reassurance and connection with other people. No other person; patient or parent, should feel at a loss after this diagnosis, and IHDI aims to ensure that not only can you find more information, it offers a community of people who can empathize with your journey and be a support along the way. 

For this year’s day of movement I will be getting my hips outside and attempting to do a 5k! I have been practicing and training to do one for a few months now and what better way to celebrate the day of movement, than to challenge myself to something I’ve never done before!!”