Mile High Hips – Lauren

  • Location: Denver, CO
  • Hip Dysplasia “Stats:” Hip Dysplasia is genetic on my mom’s side of the family, so I was monitored closely and diagnosed with bilateral hip dysplasia shortly after my birth. My mom, uncle, her cousins, my grandmother and grand-aunts all had it, so I am glad to have grown up with a loving and understanding support group. My Dad helped build Anschutz Medical Campus, and one day a colleague couldn’t make it to a meeting, so my Dad attended in his place. The meeting was with the orthopedic surgeons discussing what they wanted from the new facilities…one of those surgeons was Dr. Sink. Dr. Sink discussed PAOs during the meeting, which were still a newer procedure. My Dad was over the moon and asked him for his information and told him about me. At 13 years old I went to the Mayo Clinic for a second opinion, before heading back to Children’s Hospital and having my right PAO done. A year later I was cycling in the Courage Classic and raising funds for the Children’s Hospital, as they were my miracle. I am almost 30 now and my active lifestyle has worn out my left hip and PAO is starting to wear down, so I am looking forward to hip replacements in the next few years.
  • I support the IHDI because thanks to their research, I was able to take my childhood back. I am pregnant now, and as my condition is genetic there is a chance my child will have it too. I support IDHI not just for what they have done for me, but for what they will continue to do for future generations.
  • On the day of movement you will most likely find me in the mountains hiking or working up a sweat in a corn maze, because I love my seasonal activities!