Mile High Hips – Madi

  • Location: Boulder, CO
  • Hip Dysplasia “Stats”: My hip journey began in 2014, but I didn’t receive my hip dysplasia diagnosis until Feb 8, 2018. My hips have required over 10 scopes, an open hip dislocation, PAO, DFO, and most recently a THA (7/7/2020).
  • The reason I support the International Hip Dysplasia is because of their mission and the awareness they spread. Helping many find a diagnosis sooner and sparing them years of pain, failed surgeries, and wear on their joint. IHDI gives people hope and that second chance at a pain-free life. That is why I support them.
  • Where you’re likely to find me on the Day of Movement is (fingers crossed) on a beautiful trail in the mountains. However, I may have to settle for a walk around a nearby lake or on the stationary bike in my basement…