Miles4Hips Team

Current Board Members

Past Board Members

Andrew Younger, IHDI Liaison
Taylor Kulpa
Board Member 2018-2019
Hallie Warren
Board Member 2018-2019
Thomas Ellis, MD
Medical Advisor 2018-2019

Contributors and Collaborators

We are a purely volunteer-driven initiative and we rely heavily on support from our hip dysplasia community to achieve our goals and work towards our mission and vision. We welcome contributions from patients, families, friends, medical providers, and researchers anytime. These may include building our stories and, patient and family resource libraries; supporting our organizational structure, media platforms, and technological needs; and developing and taking part in advocacy and awareness events.

We have a few individuals in our community who have gone above and beyond to support us through significant contributions to our resource library, supporting our social media and website venues, guiding our organizational structure, and volunteering time and energy for products and activities that support the hip dysplasia community.

Here are some of the individuals who have been invaluable to supporting Miles4Hips: