Miles4Hips: The Back-Story

I had dreamed about attempting to run a 100-mile race for over a decade, but my hip dysplasia diagnoses in 2014 put a damper on this pursuit.  The return to running after bilateral arthroscopy/PAO surgeries has not been linear and it has not been easy, but for now it feels good.  For many others, hip dysplasia means a life of progressive joint degeneration, pain, and disability, and not everyone with this diagnosis is able to fully return to the life and activities they enjoy.  And this doesn’t seem fair.  I don’t know the fate of my hips or just how many miles they have left in them, but, for now they feel strong, and I am driven to make each mile count. 

I wanted to make my quest to run 100 miles more than just a personal goal, so I decided to use this journey as a mission to raise awareness about hip dysplasia and support the International Hip Dysplasia Institute (IHDI).  In September, 2018, I completed The Bear 100, running from Logan, Utah to Fish Haven, Idaho in just under 33 hours.  But even better, between the support of my incredible crew/pace team (all individuals whose lives have been affected by hip dysplasia) and the support of family, friends, and the hip dysplasia and PAO support communities, we were able to raise over $5000 for the IHDI!  

I was humbled and overwhelmed by the support and enthusiasm we received from the IHDI and from the hip dysplasia community.  With the support and encouragement of IHDI and some passionate and determined hip dysplasia advocates and friends, we decided to continue to develop the Miles4Hips initiative.  Through our efforts, we hope to promote hip dysplasia education and awareness; be a reliable information source for hip dysplasia patients, families, and friends; garner support for the IHDI as they commit to improving the lives of others living with this condition; and promote movement in all capacities for healthy hips and minds! – Nancy Muir