Miles4Hips: What’s in a Name?

Everyone who has been affected by hip dysplasia has put on many miles for their hips.  There are miles in cars, trains, planes, and buses – sometimes hours or days of travel for consults and surgeries.  There are miles logged by parents, spouses, and friends driving loved ones to physical therapy and medical appointments.  There are miles logged in strollers and crutches and walkers and wheelchairs.  There are recovery miles logged in the pool and on treadmills and bikes.  Some miles are practical, some are dreaded, some are painful, some are expensive, and some are positively liberating.

In addition to the many physical miles endured for hip dysplasia, there is also the metaphorical nature of “miles.”  Life is all about journeys.  Some are planned and some are unexpected.  Some are detouring, some are derailing, and some are glorious.  When I think of sayings such as “to walk a mile in another man’s shoes” and the famous Robert Frost line “And I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep,” I think of how “miles” measure life’s journeys. They measure all of those things that are inherent to a person’s being, including their feelings, experiences, and perspectives.

Hip dysplasia is a journey.  From diagnosis to treatment to rehabilitation to life after. There are questions asked and relationships established. There is self-assessment of goals and priorities and there are dreams for the future.  Each person’s “miles” look different based on their roles within their family, school, work, and social environments; their passions and interests; and their life ambitions.  But they all lay the path forward.

What are your Miles 4 Hips?