“Our Hips Don’t Lie”

Mia (left) and Ashlee (right)

For some people, hip dysplasia can be a frightening and isolating diagnosis. Some patients seek support through social media to find others with this diagnosis and, occasionally, this turns into unexpected and life-long friendships. Ashlee and Mia are friends who met this way and who are now using their bond to help raise awareness about hip dysplasia to support other patients.

Ashlee shares:

“We met on Instagram through the #paowarrior hashtag. We messaged each other and instantly bonded over our surgeries only being a few days apart as well as our other similar characteristics. Meeting each other has been very helpful for both of us, because we realize that we aren’t alone on this journey. It is always nice to meet new people, but it’s even nicer when they have the same experiences as you.”