Understanding Adult Hip Dysplasia

The International Hip Dysplasia Institute is a great resource for learning more about hip dysplasia, and there is a section on their website dedicated to adult hip dysplasia.

Visit their website to learn more about:
– Causes of Hip Dysplasia
– Diagnosis
– Treatment options, both surgical and non-surgical
– And More!

Donate to the IHDI

Help support The International Hip Dysplasia Institute and its mission of reducing the physical, social, and economic burden for children and adults affected by neonatal hip instability and developmental dysplasia of the hip by making a donation to the IHDI.

Donate $10 or more to the International Hip Dysplasia Institute in October, and receive a wristband as a thank you!

Day of Movement Video Submissions

Thank you to everyone who participated in our 4th Annual Miles4Hips Day of Movement this past Saturday. While the official Day of Movement has passed, the joy of a virtual event is that movement can happen anywhere and at anytime, and it is not too late to show us your moves! Make sure to send pictures and videos of your movement activities by Friday, October 28th to have them included in our annual video which highlights how our community is moving ALL over the world!!!!

Email us at Miles4Hips@gmail.com

Check out our previous videos here:

How do you plan to move?

The Day of Movement is this Saturday, October 22! Go for a hike, go for a run, push a stroller, roll in a wheelchair, crutch up the block, hit up the playground, get on a bike, have a dance party, do some gardening, or get in some physical therapy. Every movement counts!!! Go out and spread awareness!!!

Let us know how you moved by tagging us on social media @miles4hips. I you would like to be in our video send you pics and videos from this weekend to miles4hips @gmail.com!

Need some inspiration? Check out our video from our 1st Day of Movement in 2019.

Interview with Dr. Wudbhav Sankar

Dr. Sankar joined Miles4Hips Board Member, Ashley Spalla, for our next interview. Dr. Sankar is the Director of the Young Adult Hip Preservation Program and heads up the Hip Disorders Program at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. He also serves on the medical advisory board for the International Hip Dysplasia Institute and is passionate about hip dysplasia clinical care, research, and advocacy. Dr. Sankar shares his unconventional educational journey to medicine, how he developed a passion for treating children and young adults with complex hip conditions, and the how he has seen hip dysplasia care evolve during his career.