Peyton and Lenox

Peyton and Lenox: Friends Bound at the Hip for Life

In early May, 2019, we wrapped up our Miles4Hips Virtual 5K Tee Shirt Sales.  But then we received this email from Peyton:

“I have a very close friend I had wanted to support for hip dysplasia, and I found that I couldn’t place an order for a tshirt for the virtual 5k any longer. Is there ANY way to order another? I’d be willing to pay any amount I could.”  She added more about her friend, Lenox: “I really could not be who I am today without my friend-she is one of the most inspiring people I know, and the least I could do is be right by her side in raising awareness. She fights hard each and every day, and carries herself with such grace through it all. And even with hip issues, she has managed to pursue some AMAZING dreams!”

Inspired by Peyton’s desire to support her dear friend, we offered to re-open the tee shirt fundraising campaign.  We ended up selling close to another 100 tee shirts and raised over $500 more to donate to the International Hip Dysplasia Institute.

Peyton reached out to us recently to share a picture and an update:

“I made a promise a while back, and I certainly intended on keeping it. Life has been crazy for Lenox and I as we have been moving to college, but we were both able to see each other again and take a picture of our shirts (and we wore them for a 10 mile hike!). Thanks again for all of your time and care! I greatly appreciate what you all are doing and look forward to supporting you all in the future. “