Research Opportunities

Miles4Hips believes that care and outcomes for hip dysplasia patients will be optimized when patients partner with medical providers and researchers.

If you are a hip dysplasia patient, please visit our site to have the opportunity to participate in hip-dysplasia related research projects from around the world.  This is a great way to have a voice, share your experience, and help improve the lives of people living with hip dysplasia.

If you are a researcher, please feel free to share information about your projects with us.  We would love to help you recruit participants so that you can contribute to the literature and knowledge base for this diagnosis and patient population.

Current studies:


Research Team: John Gladdis, University of Texas School of Medicine; Dr. Joel Wells, Baylor Scott-White (Texas)

We are hoping to learn more about the different presentations of various hip pathologies, current effectiveness of treatments, the quality of life of people with hip pain and hip dysplasia, and many other things. Our patient population is anyone with hip pain – whether they’ve been diagnosed with hip dysplasia, FAIS, osteonecrosis, etc. This research can be used to expand the knowledge surrounding various hip pathologies that patients present with to better diagnose people sooner. And to compare how patients with hip dysplasia feel with those of a normative population. 

This is going to be great, and I believe this survey can give us a new insight to how people feel about their hip dysplasia, hip pain and treatment because they can take the survey in the comfort of their home rather than a clinic or any other doctor’s office with the potential added pressure. The survey is completely anonymous with sub-surveys that give us objective ways to measure peoples’ hip pain. Our goal is to be the patient’s advocate, to say how they are feeling and how we can improve. We can also see if there is a lack of awareness and understanding of hip dysplasia. I am pumped to see what we can do with this.

Would y’all be able to help distribute? Social media, website, you name it! No need to promote me or Dr. Wells, we want to make this anonymous and allow patients to speak their true voice. 

Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey! The following hip questionnaire is a complete set of questions to help understand your hip pain. This questionnaire is completely voluntary and will take about 10 minutes. Your answers will be completely anonymous. Each question is important, and although some questions may be similar, they all serve a purpose.

We genuinely thank you for your time and effort. You do not have to take part in this survey. If you decide to take part and later change your mind, you are free to stop at any time. There are no risks or benefits to you for being in this study and you have the option to not complete the survey and not be in the study. 

Previous studies:

Here are some of the previous studies Miles4Hips has collaborated on by sharing information with our community. Through these studies, patients and families have had the opportunity to get involved by sharing their voice and perspectives.

Dr. Mulpari’s team welcomed families to share their experiences with bracing for hip dysplasia treatment.
The information collected through their survey will help us learn more about the greatest areas of concern when using these treatment orthoses, and how we can improve the overall experience for families in the future.