Rylee’s Story

In 2019 I started experiencing some hip pain. A little back story: I have danced since I was three.



I went to see a doctor in Oxford, Mississippi, and got diagnosed with a labrum tear. I had surgery, and had a full recovery. I went for my six-month follow-up appointment, and I still was having bone pain.


I got referred to Dr. Ryan in Birmingham, Alabama. I went to my first appointment in 2022 and finally got my answer: all the pain I was having was from hip dysplasia.


I then had a scope done in September, 2022. This was followed by a PAO on October 4, 2022. I am currently 7 months post-op, and I am planning to get my screws out May 16th.



I got my screws removed on May 16, 2023!! I am currently in rehab to get back to doing what I love! It’s a long journey but it’s taught me so much about the community, doctors, and most importantly to reach out for help.



I hope each and every person will fight to get answers and never give up. One door closes for new ones to open.


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