Sarah and Hannah’s Story

April 9,2019, our journey began.

My mom and I took Hannah to WVU medical center to see Dr. Grant because her right foot was turning outwards. Dr. Grant came in and evaluated her. He then had us do x-rays. He brought in a Wheaton brace and broke the heart-breaking news.

He said she had hip dysplasia, and went on to explain what it is and the process and the journey ahead of us. She was 3 days shy of 5 months that day.

Hannah was in the Wheaton brace for 3 months. We made the trip to Morgantown every month to get her hips checked. Then she got switched to the rhino brace and had to to wear it daily for 3 months, and then a month at night. She learned to crawl and walk in the rhino brace.

Dr. Grant said she should not be walking yet but with a lot of prayers and determination she is walking everywhere.

My journey started in November, 2019. I was outside playing with Hannah. I stepped wrong and my hip popped. The next day I went to the doctor and he sent for X-rays. The doctor looked at me and said I have hip dysplasia, too, and had to see a specialist. I went the next week to see Dr. Harrison at WVU Medicine. She had me doing physical therapy. It did not work. So now she is planning on doing injections or possibly surgery.