Shannon Carroll, Cincinnati, OH

Shannon is a corporate businesswoman turned stay-at-home mom extraordinaire.  She lives in Cincinnati, OH with her husband Brent and two kids Gavin (7) and Kat (4).  She enjoys weightlifting, yoga, hiking, travel, the arts, volunteering and spending time with friends & family.

After years of unexplained and unexplored hip, back, and lower extremity pain that she attributed to high impact sports (championship Irish dance), running and “getting older,” Shannon was re-diagnosed with hip dysplasia in 2015.  Yes, re-diagnosed.  She was treated in infancy with the 80’s version of the Pavlik harness, triple cloth diapers.  After careful consideration, she underwent bilateral PAO and scopes along with multiple right hip revisions in 2015-2018.  She is thrilled to be starting 2019 with healthy hips and a return to full activity

Shannon and Nancy always dreamed of running together.  This was backburnered for years due to hip surgeries.  In September 2018, Shannon and Nancy finally had the opportunity to “run” together during Nancy’s Bear100.  The 5 miles they “ran”