• Alexa’s Story

    Alexa’s Story

    Growing up, I was always an active kid, most of my childhood was spent as a competitive gymnast up until the age of 13. At the end of my eighth grade year, I decided to quit after being injured too many times. Soon after this I got introduced to high school dance, almost instantly I…

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  • Claire’s Story

    Claire’s Story

    I started having left hip pain in 2016, but, like most people, ignored it and lived with it. The pain started to get worse in 2017 when I was training for a half marathon running event and had recently completed a 100 mile cycle ride. But, again, I managed it enough it live with it.…

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  • Linda’s Story

    Linda’s Story

    My story is unfortunately not unlike many with this diagnosis of adult hip dysplasia. Growing up I had memories of pain in various parts of my body.  Letters I had found in a recent clear out of my parents’ home noted significant back pain in high school. During volleyball season I was taken to a doctor…

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  • Betsy’s Story: Five Things I Learned Leading Up to My THR

    Betsy’s Story: Five Things I Learned Leading Up to My THR

    Five Things I Learned Leading Up to My Total Hip Replacement By Betsy Miller Hi, I’m Betsy Miller. I’m the author of The Parents’ Guide to Hip Dysplasia and an IHDI Advisory Committee member. I was diagnosed with bilateral hip dysplasia (DDH) in infancy. When I was a baby I was treated with traction, closed…

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