Taylor Kulpa

Taylor is a Neonatal Respiratory Therapist in one of the biggest children’s hospital in the USA. When she is not at work she likes to travel, scuba dive, and spend time with her dog, Bella. She is also the event director for the annual Hip Hop 5K in Columbus, OH which also raises awareness for hip dysplasia.

Taylor was diagnosed with hip dysplasia in 2013, after years of pain, and has gone through 12 hip surgeries since her diagnosis including bilateral PAO’s, several arthroscopies, and her most recent surgery being a left total hip replacement. This diagnosis came two years after the pain was completely consuming her life and making daily tasks impossible. Her pain started when she starting playing lacrosse in high school but this didn’t stop her from playing. 

Taylor’s Miles4Hips are found in swimming, taking short walks with her dog Bella, and constantly running around preparing for the following years Hip Hop 5K.