Team Break-A-Leg!

The Day of Movement is almost here, October 9, 2021!  There are lots of ways to participate, and making or joining a virtual team is one of them.

Learn about Team Break-A-Leg! Click Here

Team Break-a-Leg is a team of individuals who have hip conditions that affect the femur side of the hip joint. Many of us have undergone femoral osteotomies which are surgeries where the femur is cut and either rotated or repositioned to improve the alignment of the ball and socket of the hip joint.

This is a virtual team and we welcome anyone and everyone – no matter where you are at in your journey – to participate in your own way and at your own pace on our Day of Movement on October 9, 2021 (or whenever!) Ride a bike, take a crutch walk, do some pool exercises, swim, garden, do some yoga, go to the playground, or do your PT exercises. All movement counts!

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