Team Farber

After 14 years of daily pain and 5 failed surgeries, my life no longer resembled my own and I was a mess. At the recommendation of my doctor, I had toured the east coast looking for someone who might possibly figure out why I was still in so much debilitating pain, and I had all but given up hope.

When I finally received my diagnosis of hip dysplasia at age 38, I was shocked, terrified and excited all at once, and that moment has ultimately changed my life. 3 more hip surgeries later and I’m finally able to live a normal life again. Unfortunately, my story of prolonged pain and misdiagnosis is common among adult hip dysplasia patients and the mental toll this takes can be awful. Awareness is everything!

Fast forward to 2020. My daughters and I are all hip dysplasia patients and among the three of us we have had 12 hip surgeries, with at least 1 more on the horizon. Because of my history, when their hip pain started, I knew exactly what to do and hopefully spared them the years of unknown I had experienced.

Please help us to raise awareness by making a donation to the International Hip Dysplasia Institute (IHDI) to support hip dysplasia education, research, and innovation, or by buying a tee shirt and joining us us in a Virtual Day of Movement on 10/10 (proceeds go to the IHDI)!