Team Haley

Haley has developmental dysplasia of the hip. Since Haley was breech, female and first born, she had a screening ultrasound at 6 weeks to evaluate for hip dysplasia. Her ultrasound results lead to a consult with pediatric orthopedics.  Ultimately, we learned Haley has developmental dysplasia of her left hip. Haley spent 10 weeks in a rhino brace to help correct her hips. Currently Haley is brace-free and will continue to be seen regularly by her pediatric orthopedic doctor to monitor the development of her hips. We hope that the time Haley has spent in her rhino brace will avoid the need for future surgery. 

We are so thankful that we were made aware of Haley’s hip dysplasia so early in her life.  The beginning of “brace-life” wasn’t easy, but we are happy to know that we had an early start towards healthy hips for Haley. We would like to help bring awareness to hip dysplasia by supporting the International Hip Dysplasia Institute.  Please join us on the Day of Movement as we support research and education for hip dysplasia. 

Click here to make a donation directly to the International Hip Dysplasia Institute. Make sure to mention “Team Haley” where it asks for “organization!