Team Hannah

My name is Hannah and I had right developmental dysplasia of the hip that was discovered when I was 27 years old. After a few years of worsening hip pain, which kept me from running and working full time, I finally decided to get it further checked out.

After consulting with several experts, my surgery was scheduled for January 3rd, 2020 at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center. By the time I made it to surgery, I could barely walk due to the pain.

But now, I’m 7.5 months post op, and slowly working back up to full time work as a physical therapist, starting to hike again, and I decided to take up swimming. Dr. Whitlock and PAO surgery have given me my active lifestyle back, and that’s something that I could never express my gratitude for enough.

The reason I support the International Hip Dysplasia Institute is because I believe that there needs to be more awareness for hip dysplasia, in babies, children, and adults. Proper care and interventions can make all the difference in someone’s life, and I want to see further advancements in the education and knowledge base for hip dysplasia occur.

On the day of movement, you’ll likely find me enjoying working as a physical therapist, hiking, going for a walk, or swimming. I don’t take a single day of moving my body for granted anymore, and I want nothing more than for others to experience this same gift of a second chance that I have been given.