Team Saxton

My Story:

My name is Saxton. I’m a 24 year old premed student at the University of Washington earning my bachelors in Biology with a minor in chemistry.  I love to powerlift and I would compete in meets every spring and in my last meet, I deadlifted 623 pounds.  I also love the outdoors and would often hike around the Pacific Northwest, where I’m from. 

I started having hip pain in late 2019 and it progressively got worse to the point where it was a challenge to walk without pain.  I was diagnosed with hip dysplasia at the beginning of 2020, but I was told that I was too big to undergo the operation to fix it.  Over the past year, I lost 80 pounds and in July of 2021, I got my first PAO procedure to fix my hip dysplasia.  I will undergo the second PAO procedure in January of 2022. 

Growing up, I played football and I wrestled so I’m no stranger to pain or injuries, but this has by far been the most intense and painful recovery I’ve ever had to endure.  My heart goes out to my fellow PAO Warriors and Hip Dysplasia champions going through their own battles, especially those who are going to school while receiving treatment.

Why I support Miles4Hips and the International Hip Dysplasia Institute

I am excited to raise money for the International Hip Dysplasia Institute with Miles4Hips and support their mission to raise money for hip dysplasia research.

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